Sunday, 18 November 2012

Blog - Moving On

Quite frequently whilst out walking with my camera and binoculars, I get asked by people about what I have taken and had I seen anything interesting. Some ask if I write a blog as well. I also refer them to my blog for a view of anything I have taken which I think they may wish to see. It's usually best for ease of memory to advise them to search 'Fenlandwalker' on Google rather than the full title. 

Recently I was made aware that if a search was made of 'Fenlandwalker', the name I had been using had been "Stolen" by another blogger. I say 'Blogger' for want of a least offensive term. I visited this blog (which had only started in June 2012) and placed a comment in the comments section (the only means of contact) reminding the anonymous writer about Intellectual Property Rights etc and what is consider even mannered activity in 'Blogasphere'. There was no response and the comments section of this blog was promptly removed. Either this individuals single brain cell wasn't activated that day or no notice was taken of my views on the matter.

The indeterminate content of this blog is something I certainly do not wish to be associated with, therefore I have decided to stop using my blog and move using another Blogger name completely. I have chosen something that may be more appropriate and something others are less like to copy.  

For those of you that read and follow my blog please see the attached link below to my new blog.

Thanks for following and commenting on my blog and for your consideration in this matter.

Kind regards


  1. Hey Roy...Okay will do...that does stink though HUH!!

  2. I'm sorry that has happened to you, Roy. I will be sure to add your new blog to my list!!

  3. shame about that Roy; your followers will find you in your new place again. See you there!

  4. Roy, I'm afraid it's becoming the way of the world people think they can do whatever they want regardless of how it effects anyone else. You've done the right thing, rise above the morons and move on...[;o)

  5. Roy, I've unsubscribed here and subscribed there and I'm looking forward to your logbook records. I believe it must be sort of sad for you to leave the old name and address behind. Don't you think it might be just coincidence that the other blog has used the Fenlandwalker name?

  6. Thanks Petra, I don't know for sure either way. In a way, it may be a blessing as I was getting hit with a lot of spam as well. Also I tend to report on things elsewhere other than the Fenland now so perhaps it is for the best.

  7. Roy sorry this has happened. I have had it also. I wanted to let you know that if you change your comment form to not allow anonymous comments you will get no spam, this is better for keeping away the spammers. I see you have the moderation on and that is the way to go. Check no to anonymous and keep it on moderation. I will sign up at the new site.

  8. I'm sorry you have had to go to all that trouble. I hope you reported the guy to Blogger, but don't know if they would bother doing anything. I keep thinking about starting over, too....but hate the thought....just because of the problem I am having with their "out of space" message that won't let me change my header photo. I'm so frustrated with Blogger! Will definitely track down your new blog! You will always be one of my favorite bloggers both for your photos and your kindness and attitude!

  9. This is a real shame Roy and I am so sorry this has happened to you, but I will add your new blog to my side bar and blog roll and will be visiting. Thanks for stopping by with the info on Bulwark. We both found it very interesting.

  10. Très jolie photo
    d'une fleur vedette d'une belle chanson
    "Comme un petit coquelicot"...

    Le lilas ou bien la rose
    sont des fleurs qui veulent dire quelque chose
    mais pour aimer les coquelicots
    et n'aimer que cela faut être idiot.
    Ecoute un peu tu comprendras

    Bonne fêtes de fin d'année Roy
    amicalement Anne


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