Thursday, 15 November 2012

Parkland Walk (1)

Scenes from my recent Parkland Walk

Low lying fields in the Parkland have been waterlogged for a while.
This does have benefits sometimes though as I have observed Snipe feeding amongst the marsh.

I think it is quite amusing to watch ducks like this female Mallard bathing themselves.

They are also quite a 'show off' as well.

Woodpigeons spend a lot of time conserving their energy now in the colder weather. 
They eat two or three times in daylight and roost the rest of the time and with sun on them if possible.

Squirrels are always on the look out for food {:))


As I was quite close, this Grey Squirrel thought I couldn't see him and kept very still for a long time.

Greylag Geese gather in larger flocks during autumn and winter and the resident ones in the Parkland feed in the meadows. They often return to the lakes for water and also a spot of preening.

Another Autumn/Winter sky


  1. Another great walk! I love that 3rd duck shot! It is fun watching them take such great care in their bathing. Love the squirrels. Mine seem to have disappeared recently. Still love your header...hope you keep it for awhile! Poppies are so gorgeous as well as having great meaning when we remember the vets.

  2. Hey Roy..Those Mallard shots are great the last one of it is perfect!! : )
    That Gray squirrel is cute, as long he isn't wrecking my feeders!!
    Very nice group of photos!!

  3. Nice last shot of the Mallard Roy, lovely!
    Nice to see a bit of blue sky, it was sadly lacking today!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

    1. Thanks John,
      that blue sky is gone again now.{:(

  4. Bathing birds are always good for some action shots. Love the last one in the series.


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